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Hi, I’m Berke Özkır
a Embedded Developer

My technology journey started with a fascination for game development, exploring C#, Java, and Python. I excelled as a lead software engineer in FRC teams and contributed to Anatolia Aero Design, designing advanced UAVs and PX4 based mission-critical software. I crafted many ESP32 based for IoT solutions. Result-oriented and analytical, I thrive in teams, mentoring and excelling as an independent problem solver.


What I Do

Autonomous UAV Control

I develop ardupilot based control systems for NVIDIA Jetson AGX autonomous UAVs used in missions such as terrain mapping, object tracking, payload deployment...

Embedded Developer

I develop ESP-32 based real time systems and wireless iOT applications such as variometer and remote weather station. I use STM, ATMEGA, ATTINY family for more simple needs.

Robotics Systems

I build and design control systems and autonomous algorithms(vision) using ROBORIO and RaspberryPI computers for robots that we manufactured for the First Robotics Competition.

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

I design specialized parts in Fusion 360. Manufacture them using CNC milling, laser and wire cutting and 3d printing. Such as composite molds, carbon frames, foam wings and plastic parts.

Simulated Environments

I use Unity 3D, Gazebo and Matlab Simulink to develop simple games and simulations to test my codes and designs in a simulated environment.

Content Creation

I produce design and engineering content on instagram @brk.labs, providing valuable educational resources and artistic content to help inspire individuals in various engineering disciplines.

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Berke Özkır

Software Engineer

I am open to long-term remote or freelance opportunities. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss potential collaborations, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/berkeozkir/ Email: info@berkeozkir.com.tr